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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  March 21, 2016 12:33am-1:01am EDT

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localism but today his government is seeking to gag local community with a crassed forced policy that stamps out local consultation and dissent. can he explain to the vast majority of parents and resident in brighton and holme recently rounded rejected academy status for their schools why their opinion counts for nothing in the future. >> i would argue that academy schools are true devolution, wind up with the parent, government, head teacher having full control of the school, able to make decisions about the future of that school. if that doesn't convince her i would say look at results. if you look at primary sponsors academies you can see they have got better records and they're improving faster. if you look at converter academy schools, 88% of them are rated good or outstanding. this is true devolution, making sure every head teacher is in charge of that irschool providing a great education for our children.
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>> finally, pauline latham. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my constituent jackie has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. she has shown courage in her fight against the disease but unfortunately jackie did not get the support or compassion of her employer who wanted to dismiss her through capability procedures. >> shocking. >> now her former partner, andy bradley is trying to get the house they own together repossessed leaving her homeless while dying. would the prime minister agree with me that we require better protection for working people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness? will he join with me and jackie in supporting the changes as outlined in the dying to work campaign? >> i think the point my right honourable friend makes are absolutely right. i will look very carefully at the case she raises. the truth in all of these things, as well as having clear rules you also need organizations, whether it is employers, whether it's housing
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associations or landlords or indeed trade unions to act with genuine compassion. to act with compassion and think of the person, the human being at the other end of the telephone. >> order
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this is one hour. ♪
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>> ♪ because i'm happy ♪ >>[cheers] >> thank you. thank you mayor, thank you ron. we are incredibly grateful to call both of you friends. and grateful for how much you have done to serve the people of this great state of arizona. one thing that i have learned here in arizona is that arizona people are straightforward and honest people. so i am going to be honest with all of you about something. i am kind of new to this whole campaigning thing. i have definitely -- i definitely have not had the chance, at least not many times to introduce a former president of the united states. [applause]
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you see, in my career i did not do politics. i was just some balls guy -- bald guy that flew airplanes in the navy. later i got a chance to fly a space shuttle for nasa. then i met, and was really lucky to marry this incredible woman from arizona. [applause] her name was gabby giffords. [applause] you know politics clearly was her thing. we were both really proud, very proud to be public servants. now we are both fortunate to have a second chance at service,
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to fight for those things that we always fought for which our responsibility -- which our responsibility and common sense. that is why we are fighting for a congress and a white house that will stand up to the gun lobby. [applause] that his wife -- that is why gabby and i are here with all of you today asking all of use to help make hillary clinton the next president of the united states. [applause] good job of those signs, by the way -- with those signs, by the way. for far too long congress has been in the gun lobby's group -- grip. they have fiercely protected
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loopholes in the laws that have helped dangerous people at a hold of guns. they have helped peddle misinformation in the interest of maintaining a dangerous status quo. throughout all of this begun lobby -- the gun lobby has moved further away from gun owners like gabby and me they claim to represent. a lot of people running for president talk about how tough they are. let me tell you a secret -- this -- the truth is a lot of them are really terrified of the gun lobby. gabby and i, we have listened carefully, and closely to all of them. we have looked at everyone's records. there is only one candidate in this race that has the determination, and the toughness to stand up to a powerful corporate lobby, and the record to prove it, and that candidate is hillary clinton. [applause]
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does hillary seem scared of the corporate gun lobby to you? not one bit. and when he was in the white house, president bill clinton was not scared of the gun lobby either. [applause] president clinton stood up to the gun lobby, and he stood up to -- for common sense and to these responsible thing -- and did the responsible thing. on november 30 of 1993, president clinton signed into law the brady bill that created the modern criminal background system as we know it today. [applause] get this -- this thing called nix the national criminal background system -- this has stopped nearly 2 million illegal gun sales to dangerous people like felons and domestic abusers. 2 million.
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there is no doubt that what president clinton did in 1993 has saved thousands and thousands of innocent lives. [applause] so we have, president clinton, along with the been first lady hillary clinton to thank for that. thank you, president clinton. like we do, and light president does, hillary knows that you can take common sense steps to take guns out of the wrong hands, while protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners like gabby and me. if you want to build, if you want to build on the progress made of reducing gun violence under president clinton and president obama, and not roll this back, then you need to help us make hillary clinton your
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next president. [applause] if you want a president who takes on tough fights, who will take on the gun lobby, will take on powerful corporate interests, then you need to help make hillary clinton our next president. [applause] wise this -- why is this so important, you might task -- ask? what we are doing is -- what we are doing matters. we need to make hillary clinton our president because she has always fought to bring out the best in america. to break down barriers to opportunity. to build consensus. to get things done. to be the voice for all americans. [applause] right now, right now, on the other side we have a candidate for our nation's highest office
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who is bringing out the worst in our country. bringing out anger, hatred, and division. somebody, let me tell you something, somebody who does not want to be a voice for all americans. who does not respect all americans, and is working to buy us -- to divide us in any way he can come up race, economic status, and religion. who even said that he wants to bar american citizens from reentering their own country, solely based on their own religion. this is not the america we strive for. here in arizona, we strive for a
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tolerant and share america, one built on optimism and hope, not fear and anger. [applause] we have too much to lose in this election. we need to make sure that hillary clinton is the next president of the united states. [applause] a friend of mine, and a friend of gabby's, and one of my own personal heroes, and a great american, the commander of apollo 13 once told me something. he told me that he remembers being a maze -- amazed when he heard president kennedy say that we would get people to the moon. we would send a man to the moon. he says when he heard that, he thought it was impossible. the moon, he said, no way. then jim wound up flying to the moon twice. jim has a saying, and i like
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this saying, so i will tell it to you. he says there are three types of people. there are people who make things happen. there are people who watch things happen. and there are people who wonder what happened. hillary clinton, hillary is the kind of person who makes things happen. [applause] we need to work together to make sure that hillary clinton is our next president. i think about these campaigns a lot like a space shuttle launch. a space shuttle mission. it takes a lot of hard work. a lot of work. by a lot of individuals to get ready for a very big day. folks, we are getting ready for that day. that launch day. for us in arizona, that launch day is tuesday. [applause]
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we are not only -- where not only do you have the chance to cast a vote, you can also bring other people with you. i want to challenge each and everyone of you, when you go out to vote on tuesday, and if you have voted already, your job is still to send somebody else out to vote for secretary clinton. so now, now i want to introduce you to somebody who is working hard to do just that, somebody who has taught me each and every single day to deny the acceptance of failure. somebody who inspires me each and every day, my wife, congresswoman gabby giffords. [applause] "gabby!"] congresswoman giffords: hello,
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tucson, arizona. great to be here today. i am here to talk to you about hillary clinton. really, hillary is tough. hillary is courageous. she will fight to make us safer. [applause] in the white house she will stand up to the gun lobby. that is why i am voting for hillary. [applause] speaking is difficult for me, january, but i want --
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madame president. [applause] let's work together to make hillary our president. thank you. [applause] mark: now gabby and i would like you to join us in welcoming to arizona, the man who can explain all of this stuff much better than i can. the 42nd president of the united states, william jefferson clinton. [applause] ♪ president clinton: let's give mark and gabby a hand, weren't they great?
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if i had any sense i would simply say, amen, and get off of the stage. they were great. i want to thank the mayor for being here, and his support. as my friend, ron barber, thank you for your service. i don't want to get involved in your local politics, but in that last election, ron lost the election by less than 200 votes in the worst year for democrats in history. you have some democrats running this time. it wouldn't make me totally sad if you reversed the results of the last election. [applause] i want to thank the young organizer for hillary, diane, who made the digital pitch. she graduated from the citadel in south carolina.
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some of you may not know this, but it is a military school, and the last bastion holdout against accepting women. [applause] i want to thank the principle the assistant superintendent for welcoming us. since it is a warm day i would ask all of you to give a round of applause to the people outside of the building. [applause] look -- i want to thank my friend, dolores. [applause] who, 54 years ago this year, started the united farm workers with cesar chavez and has been like a member of our own family for the last several years. before workers endorsed hillary and many other latino organizations have. i am very grateful for her.
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she is a real heroine of progress. [applause] look -- hillary needs your help. this election is important. i know a lot of you have already voted, but there are a lot of people who have not voted yet. across all ethnic groups. we need to tell people why it is important. the other day i read the most amazing article by a man named john favreau. you may not know him, but he was president obama's first speechwriter. as he might imagine we had that he did race where arizona voted for hillary, thank you very much. but anyway, john said salty things about hillary. after the election, he had one of those cardboard cutouts of her, it was not favorable. he said the first time he saw
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her, after she had been named secretary of state, she put her arm around him, and hugged him and said, forget about it, we have work to do. he wrote a piece saying he believed this election and her winning it, was even more important than the election eight years ago when president obama ran. why? because look at all of the stuff at stake. we were back talking about the perils of being an astronaut and how his brother was doing because he had just landed after nearly a year in space. he described what it is like to be in gravity again. i asked him if he read the news and felt like he was still in outer space. [laughter] it is a crazy year. here is why john favreau is
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right -- we are in position for the first time since i left office to restore an era of relatively shared prosperity, and create the most inclusive society we have ever had. [applause] it is being imperiled because that is what president obama said in his state of the union. by the way, i think he has done a better job and he gets credit for. [applause] we have had 14 million jobs in the last five years, that is the most we have had since that other democrat, whatever his name was. we have more than 90% of the people insured for the first time in history. [applause] we have the youngest most diverse workforce of any big country. we have the best system for higher education and job training, we just need to give people access to it.
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we have a number one capacity in the world according to scientific studies to power the entire economy on the sun, and other renewable resources. [applause] we have the world's best military, and no one comes close to being as trusted among all of the great powers as we are in most places. we could put all of that in peril because of the fact that 80% of the people still have not gotten a pay raise since the crash. about half of the people after inflation are living on what they were whenever i was president. there is a lot of pent-up anger and anxiety it is totally legitimate. problem as sometimes when we are mad we do not make the best decisions. this election may turn on whether you believe what i just told you.
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we are on the verge of being able to launch an explosive period of economic growth that lifts everyone. but if you want to rise together, we have to think. we have to seize the opportunities. the opportunities are enormous. the problems are pretty profound, but manageable. my argument for hillary is simple -- she come on more than any other candidate, has offered specific solutions, and all of these economists, including the most progressive in the country say that she is the only candidate running for president whose numbers add up. she actually tells you what she will do. the second argument, she is the only person prepared by virtue of her service as secretary of state, a member of the armed services committee, a member of
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the pentagon special commission to be commander-in-chief. [applause] to recognize that keeping america safe requires a strong military, a stout diplomacy, and a serious ongoing effort to make a world with more friends, and fewer enemies. which is why i am very proud of the fact that she has been the most outspoken person in this campaign against the ridiculous notion that we should condemn from our country muslims because of the religion. we need them to win this fight. maybe it is because we are from new york, but i will never forget, after 9/11 when hillary was a senator, she had to rush back to washington to try to get the help the city needed to begin again. my daughter and i, we wanted to
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make ourselves useful. we went down to the center where people were connecting information. you remember, i am sure you all remember, there was this lord -- board where people posted photographs of every -- this board where everyone posted photographs of everyone missing. i noticed a man a head taller this guy there was about ahead taller than i was. there were more than 200 muslims killed that day whom were not terrorists. i said, sir, did you lose anyone? hey said, i didn't, but i hate what they did more than anybody because i am an egyptian muslim american and i'm afraid my people will never trust me again. we need to win the battle over social


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